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Combat PhotoModel Warship Combat is a game where 1/144th scale model warships from WWI and WWII with working BB cannons and bilge pumps battle each other in fleets of Axis and Allied ships. The sides of the ships are made from sheets of 1/32" balsa and once the balsa has enough holes in it to let more water in than the bilge pump can handle, it's down to Davy Jone's Locker it goes!

Combat PhotoBut not to worry! Captains are quickly able to wade out and retrieve their boats. The ships are designed to survive combat, be patched, and return to their team for the very next battle (repairs usually take less than an hour). Points are awarded to each team for the damage (holes) they do to the other fleet's ships, with bonuses awarded for ships actually sunk (the part we all love!)
2014-09-21: Fall 2014 Ice Breaker
Our northern brethren up in Region 1 had a very successful annual "Ice Breaker" battle Sept 20-21. Many thanks to the hosts as a lot of work went into prepping the pond. The weather was about as good as could be expected, and it looks like some great battling was done:
Big thanks to all the guys for making the battle. Very sorry to hear Matthew missed battle due to accidently dunking his radio (but thank you for taking the pictures Matthew! Since I know you guys will schedule another one as soon as possible, go easy on Matthew next time since he missed out this time (or go twice as hard on him since you still owe him the bb's he missed this battle - lol!)

2014-09-10: Fall 2014 Southeast Regional
Great fun and mayhem was apparently had by our southeast captains (with guests from as far west as Texas and far north as Canada!) during their annual Labor Day Leadfest regional three-day battle. With almost 20 captains present, everyone enjoyed two battles a day, BBQ chicken grilled pond-side by some of our Boy Scout captains (future Eagle Scouts, or even chefs, the way they cook!), and a dinner banquet with pictures from the Saturday and Sunday battling projected to the side while everyone ate and talked (and laughed). Ceramic awards were made by host's wife (Amanda Koehler) and presented at the dinner:
Admirals Award: Joel Goodman (Allied Victory)
Bermuda Triangle Award: Mike Mangus (most sunk)
Kitchen Sieve Award: Christopher Koehler (most holes)
Mighty Mouse Award: Chase Hargrave (for little ships that run with the BBs!)
Life Line Award: Tim Krakowski (for maintaining and loaning ships to others)
Valor Award: John Jones (for fighting it out with everyone shootin gat him)
Thomas Edison Award: Frank Falango (his I-400 is a technological wonder)
Blackbeard Award: Don Cole (our very own Terror of the Seven Seas - lol)

The final morning was supposed to be a free-for-all but instead turned into a "everyone pile on Joel's USS Indiana", who took the turn of events in his usual good humor. While he never gave up and was shooting back to the very end, the carnage was eventually too much:

There are more pictures from the event at the link below:
Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event so much fun. Now BACK TO PATCHING!

2014-07-26: NATS 2014 AWARDS!
Congratulations to the Axis captains for victory at the MWCi National Competition 2014 in Ramsey, Minnesota. I am sure everyone there gave it their best (in various ways), but of course special recognition shold go to following for the following awards:

Best of Class 2: Ty S, HMS Fiji
Best of Class 3: Zach H, USS Minneapolis
Best of Class 4: Hudson Maiers, IJN Kongo
Best of Class 5: Johnny Adams, SMS Baden
Best of Class 6,7: Jeff Lide, IJN Mutsu
Founder's: Tyler, IJN Nagato
Individual Combatant: Erik, Suffren
Best of Scale Convoy: Ty's Liberty Ship
Best of Scale Warship: Gerald's Cruiser
Best Dressed: Grant
Life Line: Mike Smith (only captain to complete a return run)
Rookie of the Year: Erik, Suffren
The Bart Purvis Sportsman Trophy: Bob H
Most Feared Allied: Tim B, Vanguard
Most Feared Axis: Jeff L, IJN Mutsu
Winning admiral: Tyler (Axis) by approx 8K points

2014-06-30: Another GREAT Newsletter!
Hi everyone. Thanks to our hardworking editor, and some amazing captains who took time to write articles (if they are in your region, be sure to thank them), the next issue of Task Force 144 is available to members. This issue has battle reports, product reviews, and other information. My thanks to everyone who contributed. As usual, there is a link in the Members Area, or there is a direct link below. Enjoy!
Task Force 144 Summer 2014 Edition (PDF)

2014-05-25: Nats Sign-Up Sheet Available
The Nats Sign-Up sheet is now available. Save some cash and get it in early.
Nats Sign-Up Sheet (PDF)

4-24-2014: Our Wonderful Editor, he's done it again!!!
It's time again for Task Force 144!. The Spring 2014 edition of the club newletter is out. There is news from the club BOD, and battle reports from the first Region 3 battle of the season as well as from the ever-popular annual Brouhaha at Wade's. You won't want to miss this! Of course, you can find a link to it in the Members Area, but below is the direct link:
Task Force 144 Spring 2014 Edition

We are grateful to everyone who contributed and a special thanks to our editor, Steve Cox, for putting it together. Remember, there is always a next edition, and any member is welcome (the editor reminds me, it's "encouraged!") to submit articles! I'm off to read now...

1-30-2014: MWCI NATIONALS 2014!
Sorry for the delay selecting the site for the 2014 National Competition (we were waiting to hear from a couple members who had hoped they could get the appropriate permissions to host in their locations, to move the event around the country a little more, but it did not work out for this year). But we are GRATEFUL for the offer from Capt. Tyler to host the event again July 21-25 at Veteran's Lake in Elk River, MN.

Tyler and the gang up there are a fantastic group of guys so you won't want to miss out on this year's fun (although I hear you may need warship-worthy anti-aircraft for the mosquitos!) You can learn more and sign up for the event under "Battles & Events" in the menu above or directly in the link below:

12-28-2013: Rib Calculator Program Online!
To help those new captains building ships for the 2014 battle season (I saw a lot of posts asking about how many ribs a particular ship could have), there is now a Rib Calculator Program available online.
Rib Calculator Program

I hope it helps, and look forward to seeing the new ships on the water!



Want to find out more?! One of our veteran captains, Bob Hornemann, has put together a
"Welcome to the MWCI" DVD
with footage from our battles and narration explaining this exciting hobby. If you would like a copy, you can find it at the link below:
(Get the DVD)
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